The Gallery Gems Mission

Gallery Gems Global Jewelry Mission: Bringing Rare Treasures to the World


At Gallery Gems, our mission is simple yet profound - to bring the natural wonders of colored gemstones and fine jewelry to people all over the world. Founded by Zachary Sutton GG GIA and Justin King, our brand is driven by a passion for these exquisite creations of nature and a desire to ensure that everyone can experience their beauty without overpaying or falling victim to scams. We strive to revolutionize the colored gemstone and jewelry market by providing personalized, ethically-sourced, and affordable options for our customers.

Our Journey and Purpose:

The journey of Gallery Gems began when both Zachary Sutton GG GIA and Justin King discovered their love for natural colored gemstones. The realization that people are often overcharged for these stones, combined with the prevalence of non-experts and misleading stories, compelled them to create a brand that would change the norms of the industry. Our ultimate goal is to serve every individual with personalized jewelry that truly reflects their unique style and personality.

Building a Fully Customizable Online Platform:

With our expertise and education in the gemstone and jewelry industry, we are actively working towards building the world's largest fully customizable colored gemstone and fine jewelry website. This platform will allow our customers to create their own unique pieces, tailoring every aspect to their specific preferences. By supporting us early on, you become an invaluable part of the Gallery Gems family and contribute to our vision of making personalized jewelry accessible to all.

A Vision for a Better World:

Beyond our brand and customers, we have grand aspirations for the planet and humanity as a whole. We are committed to promoting ethical mining practices and ensuring the best manufacturing processes from mine to product. By advocating transparency and responsible sourcing, we aim to minimize the negative impact of the industry on our environment and communities. Additionally, we offer global free shipping to make these treasures accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical limitations.

Assured Quality and Accuracy:

When you choose Gallery Gems, you can be certain of receiving exactly what you ordered. We take great care to ensure that each item is accurately represented on our website. While variations in appearance may occur due to lighting and technology, we assure you that the intrinsic beauty of our natural and lab-created stones will captivate you once they are in your possession. Our jewelry is crafted to stand the test of time, accompanying you on your unique journey through life.

Step into the New You:

In a world where we often invest in fleeting experiences and possessions, Gallery Gems offers a different perspective. Our jewelry is designed to be cherished and worn proudly, becoming an integral part of your identity. By adorning yourself with these exquisite gems, you step into a new version of yourself – one that embraces beauty, authenticity, and self-expression.


Gallery Gems is on a mission to revolutionize the colored gemstone and jewelry market, making personalized treasures accessible to everyone. With our commitment to ethical practices, exceptional quality, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to join our journey and become part of the Gallery Gems family. Embrace your uniqueness and adorn yourself with the splendor of nature's gems. Your journey towards self-expression starts with Gallery Gems.